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Walking with artists
from seed to sequoia.

For an emerging career in the arts in East Africa to become established it has to forge through limitations like access to formal arts education and creative entrepreneurship skills acquisition, low market appreciation, unstable income and professional network support. These limitations cause emerging artists to choose other fields to complement their source of income, making their creative potential not fully tapped into.

Sekoya seeks to remove these barriers and provide a favourable growth environment for careers in crafts and culture. Through affordable access to educational arts resources like publications, training and peer learning forums; Sekoya reaches and strengthens emerging artists from the roots up. If you have just begun your arts career, you’ll find a perfect spot in our creative community. If you have an established arts career, our community could use insight from your journey so far.

Scaling the creative economy takes strong
artistic collaborations and communities.

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Enriching your heart
for it is the wellspring of your art.

With the median age in East Africa between 17-20 years, it is crucial to nurture healthy psychological development among children and youth in order for them to become adults with good mental health and wellbeing. Sekoya taps into the wellness role of the arts and ignites creativity as a channel for wellness development.

Our programs are centred on all 7 dimensions of wellness: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical wellbeing. Within the creative industry, this improves the welfare of artists from the inside out which translates to a richness in arts production. In other sectors, we develop art based activities as an alternative deliverable for wellness, health and children welfare programs.

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