Satisfied Clients

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Sharon Zarita’s professionalism & talent makes a great difference; and her generosity, care, commitment, passion and thoughtfulness were unbounded.

Isorine Marc, Executive Director: Jamii Esplanade, 2020

Tengeza crafts was a really fun experience and the children who are creative like me were kind and loving despite their disability.

Chantelle Wanjiku Mochu (11 years), Participant: Tengeza Craft Workshop, 2018

This was where I first collaborated with other emerging craft artists and managed to create a network where we could come back and collaborate over and over.

Michel Calvin, Artist Collaborator: Suza World

We were particularly impressed by the creativity, passion and patience of Sharon’s team and ability to seamlessly deliver a safe space and personalised attention to each guest at the Art and Craft Zone.

Julie Otieno, Annual Children’s Festival - Traction Communications, 2016 & 2017

Parents realized their children’s abilities and skills and we encouraged them to nature those abilities from that tender age. I left fulfilled.

Maggie Mucheru, Artist: Traction Children Festival, 2017

I loved the experience but even better yet know that these simple boxes we were creating would go on to put a smile on someone's face was an even better reward! I'd definitely do this again.

Rebecca Mwangi, Community Project Volunteer: Still A Mum 2017

Still A Mum was given a creating space, guided on art supplies and our volunteers taught how to make memory boxes that filled bereaved mothers’ hearts with the joy of having a beautiful place to put their memories.

Wanjiru Kihusa, Founder - Still A Mum Community Partnership, 2017