Krochet Kisasa

Value added crochet workshop


Incorporating fashion elements
to crochet and knitwear.

Krochet Kisasa was a practical skills development workshop series on value addition to the craft of crochet and knitting through incorporation of fashion and design elements. Participants were able to:

  • Learn fashion and design techniques like sketching, design creation and development
  • Identify modern market gaps in terms of knitwear and create pieces in line with these gaps 
  • Produce value-added crochet and knitted outfits 
  • Exchange knowledge about craft and fashion materials (texture, colour, density) that complement each other and how to use them together 
  • Receive peer wellness support through shared experiences and personal stories

Krochet Kisasa happened weekly in November 2020 and was Facilitated by Fashion Designer Peter  Wasabi and organized in partnership with Crochet Art and Fashion Association.The final products made by the participants will be modelled by them on the cover of the second issue of Sekoya Magazine! 


Krochet Kisasa Gallery

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