High on Poems

Conversations surrounding mental health issues


Share your story on suicide and mental health to uplift someone else.

High on Poems is an artistic initiative by Greatness to participate in conversations surrounding mental health issues affecting the youth. The term high on poems denotes a deviation from the common sources of intoxicating substances and introduces an artistic option that is safe and invites more conscious conversations around difficult mental health problems. High on Poems uses poetry and other art forms to urge audiences to express, find healing and offer peer support.

Share your story or experiences as part of this project and help us create awareness on suicide prevention and mental health. The collected stories will be translated into audio-visual, written, spoken pieces and shared on social media or other platforms. Your story matters and may just be what someone else needs to hear to uplift them. 

High On Poems will end in a poetry event on 23rd September 2022, in Kisumu. Purchase tickets here.

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